July 15, 2009

Recipe: Melktert from Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

I've never personally stayed in Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and will be doing so for the first time in a few weeks (squee!), but that didn't stop me from making some South African awesomeness earlier this week. The Melktert is a traditional custard pie that's just the right amount of sweet, and it keeps well - I've been eating it all week. It's not the easiest thing to make, but this recipe may make it to the dinner table come this Thanksgiving. It's that tasty.

1 Pre-baked 9" Pie Dough Shell
2 cups Milk
2 Cinnamon Sticks
6 Peels from 6 Tangerines
1 Vanilla Bean, split in half
½ cup Heavy Cream
¼ cup Cornstarch
1/3 cup Sugar
1/8 teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Butter
2 Tablespoons Apricot Jam
2 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Sugar
¼ teaspoons Cinnamon

Let's Cook!

1. Pre-bake the pie shell for 7 minutes until light brown in color.

2. Steep the milk with cinnamon, tangerine peels, and vanilla bean in a pot for about 3 minutes.

3. Remove pot from the heat and cover tightly for about 20 minutes. Then strain to remove the vanilla bean and peels.

4. Mix cream, cornstarch, sugar, and salt into a smooth paste. Temper into the milk.

5. Put the milk back on the stove and cook for about 2 minutes until mixture is heavily thickened.

6. Add the butter, then remove from the stove to cool to room temperature.

7. Brush the apricot jam on the inside of the pie shell.

8. Mix the eggs into the milk custard and pour into the pie shell.

9. Mix the 3 tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon together and sprinkle on top of the pie.

10. Bake the pie in a 350o oven for about 35 to 40 minutes until filling is slightly puffed and brown.


oakglasses said...

The peels and cinnamon sticks steeping in milk look magical. I want to stick my face in it.