July 13, 2010

Meet the New Minnie Mouse. Then Back Away Slowly.

When I say sexy, you say Minnie Mouse! SEXY! MINNIE MOUSE! SEXY! MINNIE MOUSE! Sounds ridiculous, and yet ... this.
Forever 21 is partnering with Disney Consumer Products to offer a new line of Minnie Mouse branded items in which Minnie gets a new look. Call it a makeover. And by "makeover," I mean "now looks like a person with a mouse head."

The Disney Blog pointed out that the writing was (literally) on the wall for this, if you've seen the image of Minnie that's currently in the Trend-D store in Downtown Disney.

(image via The Disney Blog)

When I saw this in the store, I didn't think, "Hey, Minnie looks so fun and glamorous now!" I was more curious to know why Minnie was wearing Pamela Anderson's shoes.

Let's look at the evidence. According to Disney Consumer Products, the new style "is fresh and portrays Minnie Mouse in a way no one has ever seen her before, leggy, modern and glamorous."

(Images via Disney Dreaming)

Sorry, but "Minnie Mouse Off to the Runway" looks like she is on her way back from getting wasted at a Fashion Week after party. The crooked bow, the heavy lids, the off-kilter stance - you've been doing something naughty, haven't you, Minnie? (Ew.) And is she not wearing any pants? Did they actually go so far as to give Minnie white legs? (Minnie, being a mouse, would actually have black legs to match her face.) Or are they supposed to be leggings, which are never - never - an acceptable substitute for pants, and no "glamorous" women would ever wear them as such?

More distressing, this incarnation of Minnie removes the "mouse" entirely. Apparently no one at Disney or Forever 21 realized that the reason no one has ever seen Minnie as being "leggy" before is because SHE IS A MOUSE. Humans have long leggy legs. Mice do not. Mice-people are creepy.

I could write a whole separate post on the problem that Leggy Modern Glamorous Minnie Mouse poses in the message she sends to her target audience, mainly impressionable tweenage girls. The stick-insect legs, the heavy makeup, the stilettos - the next thing you know, Minnie will be hanging out with Jessica Rabbit and smoking cigarettes behind the school with the Bratz dolls.

Maybe Leggy Modern Glamorous Minnie Mouse will take off and become a sensation. But I really hope not. And as for me, I'll be taking my Leggy Modern Glamorous self over to the Disney Store, where you can find a classic, sweeter Minnie - even if she does have stumpy legs.

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angela s said...

That.... is horrible. It makes her look like an anorexic, washed out supermodel on crack. Gross. I REALLY hope this never catches on!

~Kristen~ The DVC Mom said...

I like the *idea* of glamor, high fashion Minnie, but I really hate the way that they're going about it. Miss Piggy is high fashion without being a long legged stick figure, why couldn't they have gone that route with Minnie too? Skinny Minnie is rather creepy.

Erin said...

her legs scare me. :/

simply_kris said...

I could not believe what I seen. Society paints such a poor image for young girls as far as how they should look as is. Minnie Mouse is suppose to be an icon for young kids...so what message is this Minnie sending? It sends one of false implication of how females should look...and people wonder why girls are becoming anorexic and bulimic at such a young age now of days...things like this are why! HELLO?

Amanda said...

I... totally... agree with everyone who posted. And of course the author. That is so wrong! Kristen I like what you said about Miss Piggy... what a great point! I'm also shocked by what society throws at young girls. Just let us be teenage girls! Again, I hope this doesn't fly either. Creepy is kind of the last thing I would expect from going into a Disney store.
Can we say "ew"...?

tomuchfame said...

Well just to get straight to the point, MINNIE LOOKS LIKE A WHORE matter of fact she takes the HO out of whore!!! UGHH YA'LL MESSED HER UP!!

Amanda | Glittericity said...

THIS! Just what I was thinking!

C said...

First of all. This is a great post. It is funny and it is right. Second of all...it is SO right. There are so many things wrong with this it's hard to know where to start, but this is a great one.

Debbi Rutledge said...

This is not (Minnie Mouse) .This new version looks more like a very strung out drug addict.

Muhammad Amir said...

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Tom Cameron said...

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