April 10, 2012

I'll Take a Nap for $100

Welcome to those of you joining me from The Disney Point and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

It goes without saying that for the majority of the attractions at WDW, Imagineers have put significant thought into the pre-show or queue experience to enhance the experience for guests. I've posted before on my favorite queue in all the World, but in tems of highest entertainment value, that's a whole other story. The pre-shows I find myself quoting the most after a trip (or let's face it, in perpetuity) are the ones for Muppet Vision 3D, Rock n Roller Coaster, and Honey I Shrunk the Audience (I've said "safely exit the ____ safely" in public far more often than could ever be considered appropriate). But for the pre-show that entertains me the most, we must turn to old friend:

Spoiler Alert: Brain Power.
I know that the Ellen's Energy Adventure is somewhat polarizing among Disney fans, especially EPCOT Center loyalists, and I've posted before on the need to update this attraction so that it feels somewhat current, or at the very least, contains updated information. But I think part of the reason it hasn't been updated in 14 years is because guests don't complain about it. Because, the truth is, it's awfully charming, and the pre-show has a lot to do with that. 

Bill Nye agrees.

The concept of the ride is pretty simple: the "ride" takes place inside Ellen deGeneres's dream, but this is one of the few attractions in WDW where the pre-show is just as important as the ride itself - without it, the ride doesn't make much sense. And although you can enter the pre-show theatre at any time before the ride starts, the entire show is so entertaining that you don't want to miss it. Ellen deGeneres, long before she has her talk show, is watching Jeopardy - and to her horror, her former roommate is a contestant. Neighbor Bill Nye drops by to borrow something for an experiment, Ellen falls asleep while watching television, and a dream sequence/40 minute ride ensues. And let's get this out of the way - the thing is Dated with a capital Dinosaur - this pre-show takes place back when Ellen deGeneres and Bill Nye lived in New York, when women wore oversized oxford shirts unironically, and before Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to help you regulate your digestive system. But whatever, it's still funny. 

My favorite thing about the pre-show is watching the first-timers react. There's not a lot of Disney magic here, not like there is in Turtle Talk with Crush or some of the newer queues. It's straight-up comedy, done right, and still family-friendly (I love watching people look around to find the woman with the short hairdo that Ellen's complimenting). There's something kinder, gentler, easier about the Universe of Energy - it's like an old friend, always there, still making you laugh. 

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Rosanne said...

I love this preshow! In fact, I sometimes find myself wanting to watch the preshow and not go on the ride itself. :) I say "Stupid Judy, stupid energy" more times than acceptable as well!

And I agree with you. Like Muppet*Vision, I feel like I didn't experience the attraction if I walk in during the middle of the preshow!

Thanks for sharing.
Rosanne @ The Disney Point

Disney on Wheels said...

I love this post. Now I really, really want to be in Epcot.

Manda said...

I didn't get the chance to see this on my last trip ... I'll definitely keep it in mind for my next! :D x